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Silicon Carbide Grains


The various types of Silicon Carbide grains along with their applications are listed below :


SiC – G : Green Silicon Carbide grains for Bonded applications.  Used in the manufacture of grinding wheels for cemented carbides, in roll – grinding, lapping and polishing of cemented carbides and glass.


SiC – BS : Black  Silicon Carbide grains for Bonded applications.  Used in the manufacture of  grinding wheels, polishing blocks, rubbing bricks, honing sticks, foundry fluxes, for abrasive blasting, lapping, cutting and polishing of gems and granite, anti skid surfacing and other general purpose applications.


SiC – C : Black Silicon Carbide grains specially shaped and sized for Coated applications.  Used in the manufacture of Coated abrasives on paper or cloth backing for wood, chipboard, floor sanding, stainless steel, non – ferrous metals, automotive wet sanding and glass.


SiC – RP : Black Silicon Carbide Pan – Milled grains for Refractory applications.  SiC – RP is specially developed and has a rounded blocky shape to meet this specific need of refractory manufacturers and users.   Used in manufacture of High Temperature refractories, klin furniture, bricks, plate setters and other special refractory shapes.


SiC – RC : Black Silicon Carbide grain for manufacturing Silicon Carbide Crucibles.


SiC – B : Black Silicon Carbide for polishing and other applications.  Used in polishing, tumbling, blasting and other loose grain applications.


SiC – MC : Black Silicon Carbide in powder form for Metallurgical applications.  Used as a de – oxidiser in steel mills and foundries with arc/induction furnaces.  Also increases silicon and carbon contents in metal, imparts better machinability through reduced chill and increases fluidity of slag.

SiC – RDS : Black Silicon Carbide especially developed for Rice and Daal Mill Shellers.