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Zircon Sand / Zircon Flour


Zircon has found its place in many industrial applications worldwide. Zircon’s exceptional qualities of hardness and durability makes it a must-use for the manufacture of ceramics and refractory tiles. Zircon compounds have a very low toxicity and are not perceived as a potential environmental hazard. The table below shows industry wise application of Zircon along with its features.

Industry Application Features
Foundry Sand Mold & Cores Metal chills Excellent casting surface Resists metal penetration and burn in
Low thermal expansion aids dimensional
accuracy. Resists metal reaction with most
alloys. Reduced cleaning and machining.
Low binder requirements.
High thermal conductivity.
High build density.
Precision Investment Casting Prime Coat Slurry (flour form) Back up slurry & Stucco Cores Shell molds Excellent casting surface
Low reactivity with most alloys
Exhibits non wetting surface to molten
metal. Low thermal expansion.
Excellent refractory properties.
Dimensional accuracy.
Refractory Ladle bricks Coatings, mortars and linings ladle nozzle fill Reduces erosion Extends ladle lining life
Resists reaction with molten metal
and slag Excellent refractory properties for
Higher temperature alloys Reduces refractory inclusion high
performance steel Reduced spalling due to low thermal
Expansion Longer life & High bulk density
High thermal conductivity Clean flow on release of slide gate
Ceramic Glazes
Sanitary ware
Wall tile
Electrical porcelain
Glazed brick &
Industrial tile
Art work
Improves opacity Increases glaze resistance Glaze texture control



Elements Guaranteed Typical %
ZrO2 + HfO2 63% Min 65.30%
SiO2 32% Max 31.90%
Fe2O3 0.25% Max 0.23%
TiO2 0.60% Max 0.50%
Al2O3 1.10% Max 1.00%
U (ppm) 250 Max 200
Th (ppm) 200 Max 150


MM Mesh Weight %
0.300 50 0
0.250 60 0 ~ 5
0.180 80 20 ~ 40
0.150 100 20 ~ 40
0.125 120 5 ~ 10
0.106 150 5 ~ 10
  Pan 0 ~ 5



Melting Point                2220 ‘C

Bulk Density                   2800 ~ 3000 kg/m3

Specific Gravity            4.6 ~ 4.7

Hardness                          7.5 (Moh’s)

Water Solubility            Insoluble

Colour                               Off White to Brownish